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the people of rapture

These are all so lovely and charming until you get to the 6th gif. I am 100% sure that is not how swaddled babies are supposed to move.

Omg you’re right wtf it’s like a jumping bean wwwhat….

its like a grub

It’s a troll baby!

It also sorta looks like someone wrapped up their foot and stuck it through the carriage and wriggled it around. It looks about the right size for it, given how weird proportions in BAS were

Adding ancient man-toddler to this fucking thing.

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There is a known price. There is an unknown price.

It was easy to sell the city for the Black King’s life. What good was Derse without him? The city would fall once he died, and so she sold it without a second’s hesitation. It only had value when she had him. That was the known price and the Black Queen had felt it fair. Have Derse - the people there were already used to darkness.

As long as she had the Black King, it was worth it. She could live with the cost and the changes. What did it matter if he shell sloughed under her touch, so long as she could still lie beside him in bed and listen to him sleeping? What did it matter if she shunned all lights, so long as he was there to hold her hand in the dark?

Derse had not suffered much, not in obvious ways. The street names had to be all taken down and there were things that prowled in the dark, and new strange creatures that hunted in the streets, but most folks didn’t notice. They made their lives and lived comfortably enough, finding new foods that grew quickly in the darkness. Mushrooms became popular as did tubers of all kinds, and the festivals at night offered toasted fireflies on sticks. She watched from her tower and she was content so long as she had him and her Kingdom.

There is a known price, and that price was the city.

People fell in love. There was love everywhere you looked, in the stories and the papers, in the streets and the bedrooms. Everywhere there was love and though she noticed, she thought nothing of it. For once in her life, she was not tempted by Jack Noir and the love she felt for her husband was pure and unchallenged. Maybe she was grateful that the Bazaar had made it easy to block Jack from her mind. Or maybe she was too caught up in her husband to wonder why there was so much love.

There is an unknown price.

She never thought it would end. But there’s a reason they called it the Sixth City. There’s a reason there were five more behind it.

Her name is different now. Her husband is dead and so is Derse. The Bazaar lives on, eternal and hungry, and she lives on eternally too. She wears stars in her coat and she alone remembers Derse’ name. There is a Seventh City. The people here are strange and they are in love. Their city was sold by the King to save his mistress’ life.

There are no unknown prices, not in the end.

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Trimmed trees today with dad. 

Also my new raised garden beds. They are full of fresh cow shit. 

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Her mask smells like burning plastic and she can’t wait to take it off. The googles are somewhat more bearable, giving everything a yellowish tint as she makes her way along the rusted walkways and welded hovels. The rest of the Felt are ahead, mopping up the stragglers with imprecise fire.

Crowbar spots her first and motions for her to step into one of those depressing shelters with him. Once they’re out of the wind and the sand, they can remove the masks and goggles. “No sign of the Nano Forge.”

“It’s here.” She’s certain. It’s the only place on Mars that it could be hidden, among the only people who would rather die than hand it over to the Felt and Lord English. Snowman can hear the rattle of gunfire and screams now and then from the Marauders. “Any sign of Slick?”

“None so far. When we find him, I’ll bring him to you.” Crowbar promises. She has her sidearm with her, and when she sees Slick, she’s going to blow his brains all over the walls of these shacks. It’s the least he deserves for this ‘rebellion’ of his.

The radios light up as Die starts screaming about something over them, high-pitched hysteria with no words. She and Crowbar strap their masks and goggles on and go running off in his direction. Might be nothing but she’s not prepared to bet the future of the Felt on Mars on the chance that it’s not ‘nothing’.

It doesn’t matter in the end. By the time they get there, Die’s leaking blood all over the ground and all they see are the flash of taillights as Slick gets away in one of the Marauders buggies. “Get in the buggies, get after him!” Crowbar’s yelling as he runs towards one. Snowman doesn’t bother following, turning around and heading back to the ship. They won’t catch Slick out in the desert.

All they can do now is try strike before he can. Whatever he’s using the Nano Forge for won’t matter if they can glass the colony from orbit. People will be appalled and they’ll call for her head, but that doesn’t matter; stopping Slick before he can do something worse is the only important thing right now.

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It is dawn when he reaches the mountain peak. Snowman is waiting there for him, a golden apple held loosely in her hand. Slick is covered in blood, red stripes coating his clothes and his face. As soon as he sees her, he bares his teeth, white and sharp, and brings one arm up to point at her, his chains clanking. “YOU!”

“Me,” she agrees and does not move. All night, she’s watched him scale the mountain, killing off every living thing that crosses his path. The others thought they were safe. When they looked at Slick, they saw a mortal man, filled with fury and vengeance. She tosses the apple in the air and his eyes follow it, ready to strike at it and at her. “Pull up a rock Slick, let’s talk.”

He’s impatient, as always, and her movements are bothering him. Slick contains himself for nearly a minute - a record for him - before lashing out. The blade skewers the apple but not her, for she’s already gone. Snowman settles on his other side and watches as the apple hits the ground, still stuck on his blades.

“I know you’re tired, you’ve been climbing all night,” Snowman catches his attention again and when she sees him tense, she moves, returning to the first spot. The blades soar through where she was, and there’s no apple for them to catch this time. He winds them back and shakes the golden apple from his blades, eyeing her up. “Rest a little. Or do you think this is a trick?”

“Of course it’s a fucking trick! It’s always a fucking trick!” He snarls but keeps his blades in his hands, the blood dripping down his face and the chains swaying from his arms, clanking loudly with every gesture that he makes. “You fuckers got me once, but you won’t get me again!”

He moves to strike and she teleports - up this time, to the top branch of a tree, which means she gets to see him move to strike both places she could move to. Clever boy… had she not come up here to taunt him from a grand height, he would have hurt her badly. The others may think he’s a mortal man, but she knows better.

A god may kill another. So can a demi-god.

“Come and find me then,” She shouts to him, bring his attention up to her, “kill me if you think you can!”

The look on his face says he just might, if she’s not very careful. She grins and heads up beyond his reach, to the palace in the sky. He’ll be there before long, but they’ll be fighting on her territory, not his. And when he died, she would be there to enjoy every moment of it.

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Expo, an Iron Man fanvid by lim
Music: Turn Up The Faders by Nathan Asher & The Infantry
Thanks to Cesperanza and Astolat

HD download will be available on /lim shortly.

Sometimes it seriously amazes me how far vidding has come in the past 10 years. 

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New vid! Premiered at VividCon 2014. 

Sweet Ophelia
fandom: Hannibal
vidder: Trelkez

Download available here (right click/save): 76MB XviD

Warning: graphic violence against women. Hannibal has many other potential triggers in it, so if you are not familiar with the source material, feel free to shoot me a message and ask if the vid contains a specific type of content you need to screen for. 

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